Bet On Baylee Walkathon Held In Crooksville

Bet On Baylee

CROOKSVILLE, Ohio- A walkathon was held at Crooksville schools today for Baylee Thompson, a young woman with a mitochondrial disease affecting her motor functions. 

The event was organized by Baylee’s mother Jody and held pledged walkers taking laps around the Crooksville track. Jody had more information on the event. 

“We’re having the Bet on Baylee Bunch, and it is energy walk for life. Today kicks off Mito awareness week, which Baylee suffers a mitochondrial disease. It’s a defect within your mitochondria. It’s a national fundraiser, that is sponsored by the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, which is outside of Pittsburgh.”

Through the rain members of the community came out to support Baylee and raise money against the disease. Jodie was thrilled by the turnout. 

“We had over 125 shirts sold and probably fifty people were going to do the walk, and then the lovely rain that came. But people are still here, to them it doesn’t matter. Baylee is a huge part of their lives so they decided “heck, let’s come and be part of the awareness.”

The event looked to raise about $2,500. 

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