Boil advisory still in effect for parts of Downtown Zanesville

Boil Advisory

The City of Zanesville announced that the boil advisory issued Tuesday due to a water main break on 5th Street remains in effect.  

Officials said further service disruption occurred in the areas listed below at 11:00 a.m. Thursday when a valve malfunctioned.

This advisory is issued only for the customers experiencing low pressure in the areas listed below.

5th Street between Main and Market.

4th Street between Main and Market.

Fountain Alley between 3rd and 6th

Crews are working diligently to install new valves and piping at this water break location. Work efforts are being hampered do to the proximity of multiple utilities crossing the water lines.

Officials said they anticipate having restored service by midafternoon Thursday. However, the boil advisory for the area will likely remain until lab results are received on Saturday December 10th .   

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