Broccoli, knife skills, cooking: Foodworks Alliance hold class in Zanesville

Foodworks Alliance Kids

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Foodworks Alliance and United Way put on an event to get kids in the kitchen Saturday morning.

Children had the chance to learn basic cooking, knife and kitchen safety skills. Executive Chef of Terra Cotta Vineyards Tony Campbell held multiple lessons and taught families how to prepare several dishes.

“Today we are hosting a cooking camp for children. It’s an event that’s sponsored by the United Way so all of the participants are here free of charge and we are teaching children how to have some basic knife skills, safety in the kitchen and then also how to cook a healthy meal at home either by themselves depending on their age and parents’ permission or to assist their parents while they’re cooking their meal. “

Vegetables like broccoli were on the menu. Campbell says getting kids involved in the kitchen may help peak their interest when it comes to different foods.

“I think part of it is just getting them involved and giving them the opportunity to just get their hands on it and have some fun with cutting it and seeing the process from start to finish. And also, we have a choice, they can have broccoli or carrots. I got baby carrots because I know that kids like to eat those raw sometimes.”

Another cooking with your kids event will be held March 28. To get involved, go to their Facebook page.

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