Buckeye Lake Drinking Water System

After years of waiting, residents of the Village of Buckeye Lake are getting clean and safe drinking water.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced $5 million in federal stimulus money was awarded to the village of buckeye lake to install a drinking water distribution system at a time when the residents could really use it. “Of all the projects that we received applications for to get federal money, the stimulus money- this was the number one ranked project because of the number of people it impacts because of water quality concerns. So, this was a project and this was a village that needed help with their water quality and they needed financial help.” Says Ohio EPA Director Chris Korleski.

For years residents have dealt with drinking water from a well that hasn’t always been safe and at a ground breaking ceremony this afternoon attended by local, state, regional and federal dignitaries- there was a sense of relief in knowing residents would not only soon have clean and healthy drinking water…But a little extra cash in their pockets. “i think what a lot of people don’t realize is the cost of their water system, their own individual wells. The maintenance of the well itself, the pump, the water softener the salt they buy in drinking the well water, the additional cost in homeowners insurance with not having fire hydrants near by- you add all those things together and i think people would be surprised in the difference in what they are going to pay to what they are paying now.” Says Buckeye Lake Mayor, Frank Foster.

The project is expected to be completed by July of next year.

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