Burn Ban Put Into Effect

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-The yearly burn ban on outdoor fires has gone into effect for Muskingum County. 

The ban is put into effect each November. Zanesville Fire Department assistant chief Doug Hobson tells us the specific guidelines.

“There’s a burn ban in place that from six am to six pm you can’t burn yard waste, you can’t burn trash or debris. Starting at six pm you can do that out in the county. Unfortunately in the city you can’t burn that at any time. In the city it used to be permit to have a weiner roast, we don’t even do those anymore.”

The ban is put in place to protect lives and property. 

“During that time period you have to understand that we’ve kinda got past the rainy season and things are dry but winds have picked up. Especially once you get into October and November and the leaves are falling. All the brush becomes dry and all it takes is that one hot ember to float off into that dry material and away it goes.”, Hobson continued.

Multiple violations can lead to fines and citations. 

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