Carey Launches Campaign for 15th District

Carey Number 2

A self described conservative outsider is running for the Republican nomination for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.

Mike Carey released a video with his announcement explaining his intentions for running. He said in the video, “I’m running for Congress because we have too many politicians in Washington. I’m a fighter, an outsider, who will always put America first.”

He also gave credit to President Trump for his accomplishments and slammed Democrat leaders for the current dysfunction in Washington.

A special election for the 15th District is being held in August 3, 2021 to replace Representative Steve Stivers. Stivers stepped down from his position Sunday to oversee the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. The 15th District covers 12 counties including Morgan and Perry.

Republicans running for the open seat along with Carey include Ruth Edmonds, Jeff Fix, Stephanie Kunze, Jeff LaRe, Bob Peterson, Brian Stewart and Omar Tarazi.

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