Casee Allen celebrates new album “Hindsight 2020” in Zanesville


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Nashville recording artist Casee Allen celebrated his new album release in Zanesville Saturday night.

The singer songwriter said Hindsight 2020 is a real life story about where he is in his own life.

“It’s my first album where it is stripped down, singer, songwriter, acoustic so that on its own is just telling the truth. I’ve been refering to it as the key to my diary,” Allen said.

The six song track, features lyrics near and dear to Casee’s heart.

“Like I said in the song, some call it baggage, I don’t we’re a package deal so without getting too far into it, it is just honesty. You know what I mean? Songs like that, songs like “Sonshine” the first day I met Jace, the day of his birth. It is just really special to me man. It’s really special,” Allen added.

Another song on Hindsight 2020 is “Just Some Guy From Ohio,” a song Casee sang with the Swon Brother’s from The Voice’s Team Blake.

Casee said, “We decided to get together and work on this song and it became something that I’m really proud of, they’re really proud of and I said you want to sing it with me? I know you’re not from Ohio but you want to sing and they were like “lets do it man lets go.”

Hindsight 2020 has gotten to number 11 on the County Music Album Charts.

Allen said “There is something special about saying I hope we get into the top 20 and then you wake up at six in the morning to take your kid to school like a normal day you know, 6 in the morning getting him ready and then you get a phone call. Hey, you’re in the top twenty. You met your goal. I’m like what? Like already! Yeah, you’re at number 11 so I was like what! I mean I’m still like blown away by it. you know.”

He added “”My album, Hindsight 2020 is available everywhere worldwide. Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora. Wherever you get music, Youtube listen to it for free I don’t care. I just want you to listen to it you know everyone, everyone.

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