CASS-MIND Academy 5K Saturday


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With April being Autism Awareness Month, the CASS-MIND Academy will be having their annual 5K to raise money for the academy.

The five kilometer walk will be held on the Zane State College Campus. The walk is Saturday, April 13th, from 11:00 AM till 3:00 PM. Co-Director of CASS-MIND Academy, Nathan McDonald said not only is it a great time for the kids, it is great for everybody.

“We have a tradition of doing that every year for autism awareness. It’s a good time for the kids to get outside, and a good time for the community to come in and partner with a lot of the local businesses,” said McDonald.

McDonald said you do not even have to walk. You can just come and hangout for a good cause.

“Like I said, these are kids from your community, these are kids that are neighbors, these are kids that are playing on our streets and in our parks. I think it’s really important especially during autism awareness that people understand that it’s not something you have to be afraid of, that every child here is just an innocent fun loving child like anyone else,” added McDonald.

There is no deadline to sign up for the race. McDonald said you can make a donation at

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