Chief Coury: One Man in Custody After Early Wednesday Morning Shooting


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Zanesville Police Department is investigating an early Wednesday morning shooting incident.  It happened just before 6:00 a.m. in the 800 block of Orchard Street. 

Chief Tony Coury said a 35-year-old male from Zanesville called the police department after he had been shot. A verbal altercation occurred between the two males Wednesday morning. The shooter shot the victim twice, once in the left leg and another grazing the side of his head. Other shots were also fired at the victims truck. 

“He was there to pick up people to go to work and he honked his horn. It evidently irritated the guy,” Zanesville Police Department Police Chief Tony Coury said. “Gun violence does need to stop being a violent option for these guys. If they need to have an exchange, if something is irritating you in your community or somebody is outside honking the horn and you don’t like it, then call the police and ask them to come by. Ask the person to leave.”

 Coury says the injuries were not life threatening.

The 35-year-old shooter did not flee the scene and was taken into custody an hour later and remains in the city jail. 

“We’ve had multiple shootings this year, all of them are senseless crimes,” Coury said.

The case remains under investigation.

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