City council approves Zanesville rezoning along Linden, Adair avenues

City Council Rezoning

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Zanesville City Council gathered tonight to discuss and then later vote on zoning changes throughout Zanesville.

Those areas are on Linden and Adair avenues.

Director of Community Development Bill Arnett says this makes businesses opening in the area a possibility.

“The city council approved two zoning changes. One on Linden Avenue and on Adair. And essentially what it does is it allows for greater use of development on those properties. So one case with Adair is basically all the properties along Adair between Linden and Maple [avenues]. So now that’s all been zoned commercial. So if a business wanted to locate ther it would be able to where as in the past, it wouldn’t have been able to.”

He says this is something that will not be noticeable overnight but will change the city in the long term.

“I wouldn’t expect anything to change overnight for sure. It really is going to be a long process probably because there’s some topographical issues especially on the south side of Adair that will make those properties really difficult to develop. So I don’t think in the next few months anyone is going to notice a huge difference. I think this is going to be a longer term situation. You could see some changes maybe in development right along the Adair, Linden Avenue corner because those properties are probably right for development. But as you head up toward Maple Avenue, that’s definitely long term.”

Arnett says these changes took months of discussion before being presented to the council.

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