City of Zanesville Unveils New Website

City Hall

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The city government of Zanesville had its new website go online at ten o’clock this morning. 

The website has been planned and developed for a year.  City IT manager Lisa Hittle says that the website has many new features that make it an improvement over the old website. 

“What the new website is gonna do is definitely attract new people. What we wanted to focus on was our residents. We wanted to make it attractive, we wanted to make it easier for them to navigate through it. Especially with COVID now, we figured out that it’s not easy for them to submit forms, submit permits, and that’s what we focused on. We focused on being able to provide that service to our residents.”

Agendas and minutes for city council meetings can be found on the new website as well. Hittle says the process of designing the website was a long but fulfilling one. 

“We brought to the table five different solutions to figure out what was best for the city of Zanesville. When we looked at each one of those we had a requirement list: what do we want to help with our citizens, what is our brand, what do we want to have, we want to be ADA compliant, we want it to be mobile friendly. And when we looked at those five vendors we brought three back to a core group. And when we looked at each one of those vendors one really stuck out to us.”

Hittle wanted to thank her team of developers as well as Mayor Don Mason for their support. 

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