Commissioners Open Bids for Project Cleanface

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Commissioners opened bids today for renovations to the fairgrounds’ Cleanface restroom facility.

Two bids were submitted. One bid from Paul Construction was for $329,750 and the other bid from G & M Construction for $308,000 dollars. Both were under the $347,000 dollar estimate.

Muskingum County ARPA Compliance Officer Eric Reed discussed the need for the project and steps that have already been taken to accommodate the Cleanface facility.

“Cleanface is a restroom facility on the fairgrounds located back near the livestock facilities,” Reed said. “It was built in 1977 and has probably outlived its interior infrastructure. The shell of the building is in good shape. So far we’ve installed a new waterline supply to solely supply that. You have to remember there’s been multiple expansions to livestock barns in the area and needed some new infrastructure.”

With the new water and sewer lines already completed, these bids are for renovating the interior of the building with new plumbing, lighting and electric as well as making it ADA compliant. 

“We have a deadline of August 10th,” Reed said. “Obviously that tentative goal will need to be done by the fair. That’s a strong ask but I think we can get it done, obviously. We’ll see how that goes.”

Reed noted that the facility was located in the back corner of the fairgrounds and would be cordoned off from the public during the upcoming music festival.

Because there were subtleties in the equipment that would be furnished by the contractors that would affect water usage and user convenience; the bids will be considered by Reed before the commissioners award the contract Thursday morning.



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