County Offices Relocation Information

Muskingum County Courthouse 825x510

Some of the buildings that belong to Muskingum County are being affected by the lack of power and natural gas due to the Masonic Temple fire.

Those buildings include the prosecutor’s office, the Muskingum County Courthouse and the County Jail. At an emergency meeting Saturday plans were made to move the county offices away from the courthouse.

The following is a list of the offices and where they were relocated which was provided by the Muskingum County Commissioners.

Accounting and Payroll                EMA Office                                       740-453-1655

Auditor Real Estate                        Board of Elections                          740-455-7120

Auditor GIS                                      EMA Office                                    740-453-1655

Clerk of Courts                                Domestic Court/Hixson Bldg       740-455-7898        

Commissioners                               EMA Office                                      740-453-1655

Community Development           Building Dept/Hixson Bldg           740-455-7193

County Court                                   Law Library/Hixson Bldg               740-455-7138

Engineering/Mapping                   Board of Elections                          740-455-7120

HR/Benefits                                      Building Dept/Hixson Bldg           740-455-7905 Opt 2

Probate Court                                 Juvenile Court-East Pike               740-453-0351

Prosecutor                                     14 S. 5th St., 2nd Fl;  Access by Appt only  740-455-7123

Recorder                                           Board of Elections Building          740-455-7122

Treasurer                                          Sheriff’s Office – East Pike           740-454-7134; Ext 6161

Adult Probation                              Hixson Building                               740-455-7145

Common Pleas Court                    Hixson Building      

The commissioners said they plan that the relocations will be in place for at least two weeks, but that depends on how quickly the Masonic Temple building is torn down and natural gas and electric restored to the area. They ask for patience during this challenging time.

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