Day 2 Of The 33rd Annual Cake Auction

Cake Auction Day 2

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Friday is the final day of the cake auction, and Executive Director Kim Hosler said they are right on track compared to previous years.

The cake  auction brought in nearly $45,000 yesterday, and Hosler is hoping for another big number today. She said it is simply amazing to see how much the community helps out and how into the auction they get.

“I’m sure we will. I think things pick up at the end of the day. One of the things that’s working really great for us, is the text to bid lines. Those are two phone lines that you can text in on, if you are busy at work and you just cant tune in on the radio or talk on the phone. Text into us, we’re  pretty great with that. We have a pretty big team of people manning that and we have about 25 winners on text to bid so far,” Said Hosler

Hosler said the cakes that have been entered into this year’s show are really impressive and some even light up. She said around 2:00 PM today that they had 100 cakes left to auction off, and hopes everything continues going well.

They’re all beautiful cakes this year. We’ve had some really lovely entries. Some of them have lights on them and really unique this  year. We are super excited about it,” Added Hosler.

The Cake Auction will be coming to an end shortly. We will let you know the total money raised, once that number is available.

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