Decorated college athlete helps with Fieldhouse football camp


ZANESVILLE – Andy Drabik coordinates this camp year-round for elementary school players. The camp was well attended and Drabik is happy that parents choose to have their young athletes learn from his clinics.

“It makes me feel proud giving back to the community and being able to give back to the community so I feel good giving back to Zanesville. I grew up here and I really didn’t have an opportunity like this when I was a kid. There were never really much camps in town. I was coaching some high school and I had some connection with some former Buckeyes so I said, what the heck, let’s give back to the community,” Camp Organizer Andy Drabik said.

One of those former Buckeyes was John Holman. He played defensive live on Ohio State’s 2014 National Championship team. He hoped his coaching could relay a positive message to the young kids.

“…Confidence. We’re helping them build confidence but most of it is about a relationship for these athletes right? Male or female. Whoever may have showed up today, it’s mostly about building a relationship rather than just, hey, come around and just jump around for a bit. I want to help these kids feel confidence and go away feeling inspired to do whatever they want to do in life,” Holman said.

This camp is a pre-cursor to a larger 4-day camp coming to Zanesville High School in the summer. When asked, Holman said the Buckeyes could be a national champion next year dependent on their defense.

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