Dillon Lake Prepares For First Regatta Of The Year

Dillon Lake

NASHPORT, Ohio. – Crews are setting up and getting the course ready on Dillon Lake, for the Dillon Lake Scholastic Sprints.

The course is a fully buoyed, seven lane, 1500 meter race course. Dillon Lake will be home to three regattas this summer. Dillon Lake Operations Manager, Cliff Hecker said, though this weekend will be the smallest regatta of the year at Dillon Lake, it will still bring in huge numbers of tourist to the community.

“This weekend we have 22 teams coming from five different states. We have just under 700 total competitors. We expect just around 3,000 people as this is our smallest regatta of the year,” said Hecker.

Hecker said whether you know a lot about the sport or not, the regatta will be a really fun, and free event for the whole family to enjoy.

“We have a spectator area with bleachers that will have a perfect view of the finish line. You’re more than welcome to come out.  m The reason we chose Dillon Lake is quite honestly the layout. It’s one of the few courses nationally where you can literally watch an entire 1500 meter race without missing anything,” added Hecker.

Hecker hopes to get more support from the community because these regattas bring in so much money for the local businesses.

The event takes place at Dillon Lake from 8am until 8pm on Saturday.

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