Dog Warden and Adoption Facility Update


ZANESVILLE, OH – Today the County Commissioners met to make more decisions and receive an update on the new Dog Warden and Adoption facility.

Color choice was the big topic of today’s meeting. County Engineers Office Project Manager Shawn Johnson also discussed possible options for the project, such as additional floor drains and two colored siding.

“Well one of the things that has to be done is they have to select the colors for the building. The colors for the siding and the trim. The building supplier needs to know that so he can go ahead and fabricate and get it delivered. They were discussing the delivery date of the building. There is some discrepancies on time extension, the COVID pandemic affecting delivery dates and lead times so we’re just discussing that. And we talked with the building supplier trying to get a feel for what the actual delivery date is going to be.”

Johnson was able to provide an update on how the building site is currently progressing, and the next steps to follow.

“After the County Engineers Office did the building pad, the contractor went in, he spread some stone on the building pad to reduce the mud and the traffic. Then he went ahead and dug the footings, poured the concrete footings. And now they have the stem wall that is formed up, they’re going to pour it next week. Then they’ll get the plumber in there, once the plumber is done then they can do the actual building slab.”

As of right now the building is scheduled for delivery on December 16th and the tentative completion date of the new facility is January 31st. The new facility will be located behind the Muskingum County Juvenile Detention Center on East Pike.

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