Dougherty and Swingle Named Recipients of the Miss Olaf and Olga Hanson Scholarship


Two educators continuing their own studies are the recipients of this year’s Miss Olaf and Olga Hason Scholarship.

At the Muskingum County Community Foundation Jennifer Swingle and Alaina Dougherty were presented with $500 checks and certificates for being chosen as this year’s award winners. Swingle is taking classes towards her masters for school counseling and Dougherty is getting a masters in English. They spoke about how important the scholarship is to them.

“I think it shows our students that knowledge and continuing to learn is important, so I feel that makes us role models and this scholarship teachers helping teachers is very important,” said Counselor at Phlio High School Jennifer Swingle.

“I was thrilled because I’ve applied for a few scholarships and there’s really not many for the masters program specifically and older students like myself,” said Bishop Fenwick Teacher Alaina Dougherty.

Olaf and Olga Hanson were area school teachers. The sisters wanted to leave something behind to help other teachers, particularly Olaf who had help getting her own masters.

“I think she’d be thrilled. She was so thrilled to be helped by her church to get her masters in religious education and I think for her it would be a wonderful way to keep her memory alive,” said Dr. Vicki Whitacre executor of the estate.

This year they had around 10 applicants for the scholarship, to qualify you must be in your junior year, preference was given to people who are in a masters level program and show involvement in their church, volunteer and care for their students.

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