Early Morning Water Main Break Closes Pine Street

Water Main Break

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Water maintenance crews worked hard this morning and afternoon to repair a water main break on Pine Street, between Muskingum Avenue and West Main Street.

Zanesville Water Treatment Plant, Water Metering and Maintenance Supervisor, John Smith said they received a call around 6:30 AM about the broken water main. Smith said little to no property damage occurred from the break, but to repair the road will take some time.

“It will probably be closed for I’m gonna say the end of next week, that section in between Muskingum and West Main. Simply, for the fact that there is a lot of excavating that still needs to be done, because it tore up quite a bit of road there,” said Smith.

Smith said a lot of times these happen because old pipes wear down and become weak and with such strong water pressure flowing through the pipes, it causes them to burst. Some pipes he said have been underground over 60 years.

“A lot of tuberculation builds up on the inside of the pipe. Eventually, that breaks loose and it actually tears away some of the interior of the pipe and it creates a weak spot. Eventually, when you have a 100 to 135 P.S.I, static pressure on a line, it’s gonna break,” added Smith.

John Smith was very thankful for how hard the crew worked today, and was really proud for the effort that they put into repairing the break.

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