EMA Deals With Wind Damage


MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-The Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency spent the majority of this morning cleaning up wind related damage around the county. 

Severe winds persisted through last night damaging trees, homes and telephone lines. EMA director Jeff Jadwin tells us more about the damage. 

“We had an incident right out here in front of the building where a tree feel on a jeep as it was going by. The lady was very fortunate, she was not injured. We’ve got a house in South Zanesville where the tree fell through the house. We’ve got one out at Nashport where I just got information on a few minutes ago, a mobile home that a tree fell through. Barn up at Adamsville got blown over.”, Jadwin said, recounting the damage.

If you come across a downed tree or telephone line report it to emergency services or the county engineer office. Do not approach or handle the downed objects. 

“It could be a county road, could be a township road, it could be a state route. It depends on the location as to what agency is responsible for the clean-up. Big thing to remember is, like with this incident right here in front of the building, the initial call to me was that there were wires in the debris that come down.”, Jadwin advised.

If your home is damaged during a storm report the damage to the EMA. 

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