Genesis Makes Changes Amidst Covid Pandemic


The latest surge in Covid-19 cases across the region has resulted in some changes to the way things will be done at Genesis Hospital in Zanesville.

Officials announced that given the amount of Covid patients at the hospital, they will be unable to treat all patients who walk through the doors.

The hospital will have providers out front assessing people as the arrive and if their condition is not deemed “emergency” then those seeking care will have to turn to other health providers in the area, as the wait at the hospital would take hours.

“You will be triaged. You will be seen by a nurse and/or a physician very quickly. The answer just may not be we’re taking you back to the Emergency Department to provide care in the hospital. It may be to go to X-Y-Z location to receive the care in an appropriate fashion,” explained Dr. Rob Beight medical director of the Genesis Emergency Department.

“If you need to be tested, please do not come to the Emergency Department,” added CEO of Genesis Healthcare System Matt Perry. “That is why we have a First Care System.”

Genesis reports that most of the incoming cases are of the Omicron variant.

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