Getting Your Car Ready for Summer Trips

A long, summer trip in the car can be a great vacation, but while you’re preparing your family for the trip, you need to do the same for your car.

Amanda Parker of Auto Zone says there are a few things you should check before hitting the road.

“You should check on your fluids, your oil, transmission and brake fluid, your washer fluid,” she said. “You should also check your tire pressure. It’s a good thing for safety reasons and it will improve your gas milage.”

Parker says checking the oil and transmission fluid in your car is relatively easy.

“All you need to do is have your car turned off, pull the dipstick out and it should be in between the two lines,” she said. “That will tell you if it’s full or low. Your transmission fluid, your vehicle needs to be running when you’re checking that, between the lines where it tells you low or high.”

Parker also recommends checking your brakes and windsheild wipers.

She say in incliment weather, both are valuable in keeping you and yours safe on the highway.

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