Green Valley Golf Course Welcomes Busy Start to Summer

Green Valley

ZANESVILLE, OH- The Green Valley Golf Course has been busy as the weather warms up and as people are looking for a way to get outside.

Golf Pro Steve Galloway is excited to be busy and to welcome people to the programs they currently have going on.

“As of May 26th we are now starting our leagues, they are now allowed to begin so we started our leagues last week and also I have a junior program that’s starting this Friday, we have two couples programs that are starting Friday night, so extremely busy.”

As the weather has finally begun to cooperate, Galloway is happy to see so many golfers and to welcome new faces to the course.

“We have open golf of course and our open golf has been extremely busy and I’ve seen people out here that you know I haven’t ever seen golf before and I think it’s because like I said before you know golf is about the only game in town so we’re very excited and you know extremely happy about all the business.”

The Green Valley
Golf Course is open 7 days a week from 7 AM until 8 PM.

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