Ground Breaking At Morton Park

After two years of waiting, the residents of the Morton Park Apartments are finally getting their activity center.

Walls have already started going up, but a ground breaking ceremony was held today to celebrate the construction of a building Muskingum ARC Housing Inc. Never thought they would have the funds for. “We’ve been trying to build a building, an activity center for two years now and we recently got the financing and we also received a grant from Ohio Housing Finance Agency to rehabilitate our apartment community for $356,000 so we’re celebrating and we’re excited.” Says Executive Director Amy Oliver.

The process to build the center that will include a multi purpose room, kitchen and even a computer room began almost two years ago to the day and the residents and others involved couldn’t be happier. “Its going to mean a whole lot, they will be able to with their holiday gatherings, have their dinners they’ll be able to practice their cooking skills because they go to each other’s apartments to do their cooking classes and now they’ll be able to do it in the building. We want to give them a Wii, so they can practice the Wii and it will just give them a place to gather, do puzzles, crafts, there’s a number of things we will be able to do with them.” Oliver said.

The activity center is expected to be completed by next Spring. Morton Park Apartments are a ‘live on your own’ community for the developmentally disabled.

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