Hands On OSHA Training

Students taking Occupational Safety and Health Administration training at the Muskingum Career and Technology Center were able to learn first hand what to do in a fire.

The Zanesville Fire Department set-up a demonstration and showed students how to properly use a fire extinguisher to put out a blaze.

“With this type of training they’re even more receptive, because it’s real interactive and now there’s a real fire, now they can really use the fire extinguisher for a real purpose,” says Kevin Melick, OSHA instructor.

Fire safety is part of the training the students need to receive their OSHA-10 card, which will help them as they head out into their career fields.

“It’s an awareness program to make them aware of some of the hazards that they’re going to face in the workplace. For instance, back safety, fire prevention, hazard communications, those kind of things,” he says.

The program was paid for through federal stimulus money. Once a person receives an OSHA-10 card it is valid for life.

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