Historic season for Crooksville’s girls golf team

Crooksville – Head Coach Greg McKenzie was addressing his team earlier in the week. While he conducted a light practice, he accomplished something no other Ceramics golf team could before…winning its first Division II Sectional Title in school history and a chance to compete in the Southeast District Tounament.

“It’s very fulfilling for me because we set this as a goal a few years back and we set a plan to get there and the girls worked to get that both individually and as a team. A lot of our time was put in on their own to do this,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie’s daughter Riley is only a sophomore and she thinks this campaign compared to last year’s is night and day.

“My mindset has been so much better from last year. I’ve matured a lot not only as a person but on the golf course; the decision making and just how I look at things. I had a really bad attitude last year; not really bad (but) that’s what I’ve been trying to focus on,” Riley McKenzie said.

Greg McKenzie said it was hit team’s willingness to put in the extra effort to get them this far. There were periods of time when organized practices could not be held because of Covid-19.

“We had months where the Ohio High School Athletic Association had a no contract policy in place so I couldn’t have any practices. I couldn’t have contact person to person or face to face. The girls did a really good job of getting out of their own and playing and practicing,” Greg McKenzie said.

“We’ve worked really hard at it. I’ve worked hard at it. We have four seniors so we really wanted to go with a bang for them,” Riley McKenzie said.

“It’s a hard game. If it was easy everybody would do it,” Greg McKenzie said.

The Ceramics finished fourth out of the six competing teams in the district tournament. Also competing was Sheridan who finished second. That is the end of Crooksville’s season but a tip to the cap is in order and best of luck next year.

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