Honoring a Hero: Poulton’s Flag Folded After 75 Years

Flag Fold

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – An Ohio native who made the ultimate sacrifice
during World War II was remembered and honored this morning in
Zanesville as the flag of Paul Poulton was properly folded by the
Philo Duncan Falls VFW at The Sports Barber. Poulton died during the
Battle of the Bulge in January 1945. His sister, Janet says she will
never forget the cold February day that she learned that her brother
had died serving his country. Janet gave her brother’s service
artifacts to The Sports Barber to be displayed to the public. Mike
DeBolt, US Veteran and Owner of The Sports Barber, says Poulton’s
legacy will forever be remembered.

“She doesn’t
have a lot of family that lives around here. So, you know that’s
why she gave me the stuff—because she didn’t have anyone to pass
it on to. I could tell she was kind of thrilled inside. His legacy
will live on here instead of being stuffed away in a box for another
hundred years.”

Members of the Philo
Duncan Falls VFW Post 10275 took the time to carefully fold the 75
year old flag that covered Poulton’s casket in a traditional
Thirteen Folds Ceremony. Commander Jack Drake, with the VFW, says
each fold holds a special meaning.

“The thirteen
folds explains everything about the thirteen colonies. It explains
everything about women and the sacrifice they made with their
children—same way with the fathers of the children; Pledge of
Allegiance—it’s all right here in the thirteen folds of the

Mike DeBolt was
recently inducted into the Muskingum County Veterans Hall of Fame.
The flag that covered Poulton’s casket—along with other
artifacts—are on display for public view at The Sports Barber on
Linden Avenue.

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