Independence Day Reflections


THORNVILLE, Ohio – On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress drafted a declaration that severed the North American Colonies from the rule of England. A rule that brought about unfair taxes, unjust treatment and underrepresentation in parliament.

In the 246 years since that fateful decision, we have fought for our independence, drafted a document that outlines our rights, built a republic and developed our nation from coast to coast. So it’s interesting to learn what people think and how they live on the holiday.

Each Independence Day, Thornville Parade Announcer John Ulmer gives back to his community.

“It means unity. It means honoring and recognizing the Fourth of July tradition and everything that goes with it. And of course the purpose of Fourth of July, it’s our Independence here in the United States. And the importance of passing that information and tradition down to the young people so it continues on,” Ulmer said.

Melody Crader sees the community honoring what the founding fathers have given us and is proud of the traditions that are continued.  

“It’s nice to see our community get together and be united in something that is pretty special, it really is. I am thankful to be a citizen of the United States, and what we have here, our freedoms and our liberty and we stand for the flag and we stand for everything that it represents,” Crader said.

July Fourth is a celebration of standing up to oppression and declaring our independence to form a more perfect union that allows for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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