July 4th Parade Needs Floats

July 4th might just be days away, but one local man is trying his best to gather together enough businesses and organizations for a parade.

Dr. David Schroder has organized the July 4th parade for five years. He says this year they’re having difficulty getting people to join the parade.

“We’re having difficulty finding organizations or people who will be in the parade,” said Schroder. “I’m putting out an appeal to any organization, with costumes or whatever, who would like to march around downtown Zanesville Saturday evening before the fireworks start.”

The loop will start at Third and Shinnick streets, down to 5th, up Main, and back to the beginning. Dr. Schroder says the parade is a wonderful way to commemorate the holiday.

“It’s important for us to commemorate that day and to remind ourselves that we are our own government, not a royal family, dictating what our rights are allowed to be,” he said.

Dr. Schroder says the parade will start at 8 p.m. before the fireworks.

He says if you would like to be a part of the parade, contact him at the number at 454-1747.

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