Kids Gather for Pool Party

Local kids are flocking to the Cambridge Pool to take part in weekly pool parties.

There’s a DJ, prizes, and food. The kids are showing off their dance moves and splashing around in the pool while parents can come to relax in the sun.

“It’s something we’re trying to do throughout the summer on Monday nights to get the young kids out…get them something to do, come to the pool, ” says Pool Manager Rick Spencer.

It’s three dollars per person to get in and have a night full of fun.

Spencer says the weather has been sunny and warm, which is drawing some good crowds.

The Cambridge Pool is closed during the day on Monday to save on money, but the pool party’s are helping keep the Cambridge Pool alive.

“We’re just trying to make sure we have enough money to keep the pool running, and things like that. The community has been real supportive, ” says Spencer.

Spencer says the kids seem to really be enjoying the contests.

“Big pool splash. Then we’re going to have Frisbee toss where they’re going to try to catch the Frisbee off the board. If they catch it, they’re going to get a T-shirt, but the big thing is the big splash contest. That always gets a big crowd to see who can put the biggest splash above the boards, and everyone keeps crowding around. They really enjoy that, ” says Spencer.

The pool party is sponsored by WCMJ and will continue every Monday night throughout the summer.

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