Kids Get a Handle On Their Asthma

Kids are finding that when it comes to learning to control their asthma they are not alone.

Every June the Field House hosts a four-day Asthma Camp focused on teaching children with asthma to live normal healthy lives. This year more than 12 campers are taking part in the camp.

“Well being here with other asthmatics they learn from each other,” says respiratory therapist, Eric Blake. “The key is for the children to learn what thier triggers are so they can avoid that.”

The camp instructors help the children find out things in the enviroment that trigger their asthma attacks. They instruct them on how to use their medications properly, use pink flow meters to monitor their breathing everyday, as well as their emergency inhalers to help them through an asthma attack.

“As far as participating in sports they need to get the confidence,” says Blake. “This is the very first step in them building the confidence that they need. So they know, even though they may be playing football, baseball, basketball, soccer, anything that they will be able to control their asthma attacks and have the confidence that they need to be able to go out there and play.”

Asthma Camp has been helping children for 25 years and limits the camp to 20 campers to assure one-on-one assistance. Parents can call Rambo Memorial Health Center for information on children’s asthma or to schedule a time for individual education.

Writen by: Danielle Cotterman

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