Kroger Day at the Fair on Wednesday to support Christ’s Table

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- If you’re interested in attending the Muskingum County Fair on Wednesday, be sure to bring two Kroger vegetable cans as it will admit you into the fair for free while all the donated cans will go to Christ’s Table. 

It’s the sixth annual Kroger day at the fair. Over the last six years, over 30,000 cans have been donated through this event. This helps out Christ’s Table as they continue to feed the homeless and less fortunate. 

“This is our busy time of the year. Kids are going back to school and we need to get those shelves stocked up and that’s a great way of helping us do that,” executive director for Christ’s Table said.

Associates at Safelite Auto will be running the gates, collecting cans and loading and unloading the cans back at Chris’s Table. Kroger day at the fair is helping serve Christ’s Table just as much as it helps individuals in the community. 

“In a sense, it also helps the people that we serve. There are sometimes people that we serve that maybe can’t afford the price of the fair, so this is a way for the families that we serve and other families in our county to go to the fair for two cans of food and spend the day with their family and have a great day,” Warden said.

Individuals must bring two Kroger labeled vegetable cans to be admitted free into the fair between 6:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 

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