Lace Up for Kids Set Up Takes Place at Secrest Auditorium

Lace Up Set Up

ZANESVILLE, OH – This morning members of the Zanesville High School Football Team helped Eastside Community Ministry set up for Lace Up for Kids.

Distribution is set to take place at Secrest Auditorium starting on Monday at 9 am until 4 pm and running through Wednesday.

“Today we’re setting up the basement of Secrest Auditorium, we have the Zanesville High School Football Team helping to bring shoes from Eastside and we’re going to set up, they’re actually putting up the tables and the chairs so we can put the whole layout together and then they’ll bring in the shoes,” Lace Up for Kids Co-Chair Sue Thuma said.

Organizers of the event were inspired to make sure this event happened despite the COVID-19 pandemic and they have worked closely with the health department to make this event possible.

“We were extremely set on trying to do the event no matter what. And we would comply with any regulations to be able to do it. When we look at some of the kids that we’ve given shoes to in the past they literally wear those shoes for an entire year. Those kids are still growing, they’re still wearing out the shoes, we try to give them quality shoes that will last a year. And whether they go back to school or not those kids need shoes on their feet.”

If you have an
appointment with Lace Up for Kids you are asked to wear a mask, all
volunteers will be wearing masks and hand sanitizing stations will be
provided upon entry.

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