Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 21st-27th


MUSKINGUM COUNTY, OH – The National Weather Service and The Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness are promoting National Lightning Safety Awareness Week June 21st through the 27th.

EMA Director Jeff Jadwin shares some severe weather safety advice.

“Need to be aware that you know storms pop up this time of year pretty quickly and that so if you hear the thunder or you see the lightning then you need to take action. So we have an acronym, DUCK, so it stands for go down to the lowest level, get under something sturdy, cover your head, and keep in the shelter until the storm passes.”

Being weather aware is one of the most important things you can do to stay safe.

“They just need to monitor the radio and TV, that if storms are in the area be just be more cautious of what can happen. Lightning is very dangerous and can end your life very quickly or hurt you severely.”

The National Weather
Service encourages everyone to practice severe weather safety and
preparedness throughout the summer.

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