Local Carwash & Friends Raise Money For Emma Barry

Bishop Rosecrans Cheerleaders

ZANESVILLE, Ohio. – The Bee Clean Car Wash hosted their fundraiser Sunday from noon till 5:00 P.M. to raise money for Emma Barry.

Though the weather was cold and windy, it did not stop the community from going to the car wash to help out Emma. Members from the Bishop Rosecrans High School Cheerleading team came out to show their support, for not just their teammate, but their best friend.

“I think if she could see us out here it would mean the world to her that we’re working so hard to help her because as hard as we’re working she’s working harder. Everything we can do to help her out is great for us because we love to help any way we can,” said Carly Caldwell, A cheerleader at Bishop Rosecrans.

Owner of the Bee Clean Car Wash, Beau Hankinson said the car wash was probably twice as busy compared to the normal Sunday. Hankinson charged twenty dollars for the car wash today, and all proceeds went to help Emma. Hankinson said some people even gave over 100 dollars.

“A number of people were coming just to get a car wash. Once they realized what was going on, yes they actually gave more and we’ve had donations over a hundred dollars which is great. People are coming here specifically to support Emma, and we greatly appreciate that. I know Emma and her family appreciate that so thank you again,” said Hankinson.

Hankinson and the cheerleaders wanted to thank everybody that came out to show their support for Emma today.

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