Lorretta is Looking for a Home


Volunteers at the Muskingum County Dog Warden and K9 Adoption Center said this week’s pet will take all the love and attention she can get.

Loretta came in as a stray and is estimated to be around two years old. She walks easily, doesn’t react to other dogs, but she does love to jump.

“We found out that she can be a jumper. So, if she was going to be outside in a kennel. It would need to be at least a 6 foot high kennel with some sort of topping. That’s what we have at our facility. So we make sure that she does not get out,” said Volunteer Doug McQuaid.

Loretta also likes to ride in cars. McQuaid encourages pet owners that may have lost their pet to contact the adoption center to see if their four-legged family member is in their care.

“If you have lost your pet please give us a call. There’s a chance we may have your dog and there’s nothing better to reunite you with it,” said McQuaid.

The adoption center continues to have expanded hours on Sunday and they are always looking for donations of blankets, treats and toys for the dogs at the shelter.

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