M.C.L.S Tech Savvy September

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The John McIntire Library is offering up some interesting new events that will make you more tech savvy.

In the month of September, they will be holding Cutting the Cord, Ebay Basics, and Kids Can Code. Muskingum County Library System Emerging Technologist, Jeremy Norris said all three events will benefit attendees and even teach them how to save a few bucks.

“It is going to be about where people can come in and learn how they can save money on their cable bill by cutting off their cable and learning about the different kinds of streaming services.” Norris added, “Ebay basics is going to be a program where people can come in and learn the basics of Ebay, how to sell and buy things.”

The final event being offered in September will be Kids Can Code. An event where children can go to the library and make their own character that can dance and they can code it so they are able to have a dance party.

“I feel like technology is just going to keep getting better and better and enhancing everyday. I feel like if you don’t get ahead of the curve that you will be left behind,:” Norris said.

To learn more about the events, you can visit the M-C-L-S website
http://muskingumlibrary.org/ .

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