Morgan High School Students Witness Mock Crash

McConnelsville, OH- Morgan High School students got to witness a mock crash today to remind them to practice safe driving with prom coming up this weekend. 

The Malta & McConnelsville Fire Department, along with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and others, put on a real life crash scenario. Students were able to hear a live 911 call and witness first responders react in real time.

“It’s nice to have this out here in front of the whole student body. That way, if something does happen while there out and about, their friends can look after them. We don’t want anything to happen, but if one of their friends is out, they can maybe put a stop to something bad,” said Sgt. Eric Knowlton of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. 

“We thought it was a good thing to do this year, trying to get the message across to other kids letting them know that drinking and driving is no good,” stated Lt. Jeremy Keffer, M&M Fire Department. 

The fire department had to use the jaws of life to remove the door to be able to reach one of the students. There was even a helicopter that came in to transport the victim to the hospital. The state patrol performed a live field sobriety test for one of the drivers. The goal was not to use scare tactics, but to show how a crash can affect everybody involved. 

“For them to see it first hand, what can happen, what can personally go on, how the state troopers were, M&M, everybody, just how real it actually can be. Us being in it, and just what was going on, I think we really made it count and impacted some people,” said Morgan student Owen McCoy.

“Just be smart about stuff, you know, obviously, we don’t want you out there drinking or doing anything, but if you are, call a friend, call a parent, call a teacher, call anybody that can drive instead of yourself. Sure, you might get in trouble for it, but it’s better than being in an accident,” stated Morgan student Kole Searl.  

Another Morgan student, Autumn Garber, told us it was eye opening to see first responders in action. The hope is that this real life simulation of what could happen will help students make the right choice this weekend.

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