Muskingum College Now University

Their colors will still be magenta and black, but Muskingum College’s name will change.

The school, which has offered up to 150 different graduate degrees since the mid-1990s, decided now was a good time to change the name. The school will now go by Muskingum University.

“This change is something we’ve been contemplating for several years now,” said Vice President of Enrollment at Muskingum University Jeff Zellers. “We decided that now was a good time to make the switch from the word college to university, especially since that is how we are classified by the Carnegie Commission and how we have been for the past two years.”

Zellers says there will be no implications for students or faculty.

“Everything is the same for them,” he said. “They will still have the same small college experience, small classes, close student to faculty ties, as they’ve experienced for many years.”

Zellers says due to the amount of graduate degrees offered, the Carnegie Commission classifies the school as a middle-sized university. The name change will reflect the commission’s classification.

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