Muskingum County Community Foundation Scholarship Opportunity

Muskingum County Community Foundation

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, OH – The Muskingum County Community Foundation wants to let area students know about a scholarship deadline that is approaching.

The Marc Cooper Scholarship is awarded in the honor and memory of Marc Cooper and his fight with acute lymphatic leukemia.

“So if they go to you can click on a searchable database where they can search for the scholarship. Just type in Marc, M-A-R-C Cooper and you can find the scholarship along with some information about Marc Cooper and that way you can learn more about the scholarship, what it was established for and who it was established in memory of,” Director of Grants Management Heather Sands said.

Students eligible for this scholarship must have maintained at 2.0-2.5 GPA in high school and must be attending their first year at one of the eligible schools.

“Any student that lives in Muskingum County that could be a current freshman at Muskingum University, Zane State College, or Ohio University Zanesville can apply. So they have to meet the criteria and be an incoming freshman but those students that are planning to enroll that may live in Muskingum County they can go on ahead and go onto our website to submit their electronic application. There is not a paper application it is all done electronically, so just make sure you hit submit by August 17th at 5 pm.”

If any student needs
help with their application they can email with any questions and for assistance.
Again, the deadline for the Marc Cooper Scholarship is August 17th
at 5 pm.

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