Muskingum Univ. Announces Major Sports Construction Project


ZANESVILLE, Ohio — “It will help all boats rise on the Muskingum University campus — and beyond.”

Muskingum Univ. in New Concord is embarking on a massive new project for a Health & Wellness Complex on their campus in New Concord.

“We will have a full fitness facility for our students, our faculty and our staff there as well as those who are training or in high school performace capacity and it will be glassed in and overlooking the stadium,” says Muskingum Univ. President Dr. Susan Hasseler.

Hasseler, at a formal press conference and flanked by staff and students inside the studios of WMCO, their campus radio station, says the stadium will cost an estimated $30-million and is the target of a major fundraising effort right now.

“We will be doing a groundbreaking in April, starting construction in the summer and anticipate the building being in use in 2022,” she says.

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