Noon Rotary Club announces New President


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The noon rotary club has elected its new president for the 2021-2022 year. 

Chuck Adams has been with the noon rotary for three years and took over the new president role on July first. He was elected last year to be the president elect where he spent the year learning the role and everything it entails. 

“It’s a great honor. The number of community members we have and they all have businesses or our government officials. For them to have trusted me to lead the group to provide the services we provide, I’m very honored by that,” Noon Rotary President Chuck Adams said.

As the noon rotary club president, Adams takes on the roles of business operations, conducting weekly meetings, leading the board and organizing and assisting with community activities and services. 

“It’s been wonderful. We’ve got a great rotary club here, our noon rotary club. We do a lot of wonderful service projects and do a lot of good in the community and we have great folks that enjoy doing it,” Adams said.

Outside of the noon rotary club, Adams works for Genesis, where he plays a vital role in looking to enhance Genesis for the community. 

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