ODNR’s Division of Wildlife reports successful deer gun hunting season

New Deer

OHIO – Hunters harvested over 70,000 deer during the week. ODNR anticipated a successful season because of an increase of permits sold throughout the year.

“From the 2019 license and permit sales; you have an increase in the resident deer permit sales throughout 2020 and also a slightly bigger; about 9% increase in the non-resident deer permit sales,” ODNR’s Division of Wildlife’s Lindsay Rist said.

There is also an opportunity for deer gun hunting on December 19th and 20th. Deer hunting is also encouraged by ODNR because it is a socially distant activity.

“People are spending more time outside in 2020. We’ve seen an increase in outdoor recreation across the state. You know, the outdoors is always open. People have been encouraged to get outside with their families and to participate in activities when they can respect the distance from other people who might be outside,” Rist said.

Both Coshocton and Muskingum Counties were in the top five counties statewide for deer taken during the gun season.

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