Ohio State Highway Patrol – Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign

Drive Sober Ad

ZANESVILLE, OH – Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over is a nationwide campaign that many law enforcement agencies take part in.

The purpose of the campaign is to educate drivers on the importance of driving sober. The campaign began Wednesday August 19th and will run through Monday September 7th.

“Impaired driving puts everybody at risk. It puts the person who is doing it at risk, it puts the general public at risk. Whether you’re walking down the roadway, driving another vehicle that may get hit by an impaired driver, or a law enforcement officer or highway worker who’s working alongside the roadway. Impaired driving affects everyone,” OSHP Sergeant Nathan Dennis said.

Labor Day weekend leads to an uptick in impaired driving. With that holiday coming up the State Highway Patrol wants motorists to have a plan to get home safely.

“The important thing to remember when it comes to impaired driving, is it’s not just alcohol. Drugs also impairs as well. So keep in mind that if you are impaired, the best thing to do is just not drive. Don’t get behind the wheel, don’t put yourself at risk, don’t put others at risk. The decision you make when you’re impaired to not drive can and will save your life and others.”

If you believe you
see an impaired driver you can dial 911 for local law enforcement or
#677 for the nearest highway patrol post.

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