Old West and American Civil War Art at the Wednesday Zanesville Farmers Market

Art Farmers Market

ZANESVILLE, OH – The Wednesday Zanesville Farmers Market is a place where you can find all sorts of vendors.

William Keogh is the owner and operator of Fort Berry out of the Masonic Temple, he specializes in old west and American Civil War themed items.

“Right now I would say most of my stuff is indeed old west, United States Calvary, and late 19th century Americana themed items. I also brought out a few of my more comedic style as well as one of my many passions is star trek and here for instance we have the loss of the Enterprise over planet Genesis.”

Keogh explains where some of his inspiration for his work comes from.

“I grew up on John Wayne films, I grew up on Star Trek, I grew up even on some of the older things like F Troop which is a 1960’s era sitcom based on a fort on the American frontier at the end of the Civil War. In fact the name of my fort, Fort Berry is named after Ken Berry.”

Fort Berry can be
found at the First Friday Art Walks in Masonic Temple Room 302 and at
the Wednesday and Saturday Zanesville Farmers Markets.

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