Orthopaedic Associates of Zanesville practicing telemedicine


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Orthopaedic Associates of Zanesville is getting creative with patient communication by hosting appointments over electronic devices.

This platform is known as Telemedicine, and eight doctors at the medical branch are continuing their practices over video conferences in response to COVID-19. Dr. Karl Saunders and Dr. James Gasparine said the practice is totally confidential, easy to use, and the best way to move forward with helping patients at this time.

“It is a change but telemedicine has been coming and we have been preparing for it. We have a very proactive electronic health record that allows us to do this easily. So we thought this was going to come but not on such an urgent basis so we have adapted. We have a wonderful staff here that have been spending lots of time getting this up and running,” Dr. Saunders said.

Dr. Saunders said Orthopaedic Associates is open normal business hours and the process of booking a video appointment is very easy. W-H-I-Z News experienced first hand, how quick and convenient this program is.

One patient said, “I called the office and they told me to contact it via text. It was a link and I clicked on it on her phone and then I was able to upload it super easy.”

Dr. Gasparine asked “then did you have any issues once it uploaded the connect?”

The patient added, “Nope none at all.”

“Then through the exam, I was able to look at Shirley, we were about to talk about what was going on back and forth with the history. I was able to then talk her through the physical exam which we were able to do a complete exam, which we were about to do a complete physical exam which I respect is not as good as if you were right in the patient’s room and me doing a direct exam but it is the closest thing we can get to a direct physical exam at this point and then because we do it through our electronic medical records I was able to then access her chart, order medications as needed and get her basically treated prior to this weekend,” Dr. Gasparine added.

To set up a video appointment, you can visit www.orthozane.com, or contact Orthopaedic Associates of Zanesville at 740-454-3273.

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