OSHP stops over 250 Vehicles during Sobriety Checkpoint

21 8 19 Ohio State Highway Patrol

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The Ohio State Highway Patrol operated an OVI checkpoint on Friday on Maysville Pike. Over 250 vehicles were stopped between 8 and 10 p.m.

During the sobriety checkpoint, troopers are out making sure the public knows that they are always looking for drivers under the influence. It allows them to interact with the drivers and show them what they do.

“We’re checking all the drivers that come through the checkpoint. We stopped a total of 272 cars just for a brief interaction. From that we diverted one car because of marijuana in the vehicle,” OSHP Lieutenant Russell Pasqualetti said.

The checkpoint was in conjunction with the Zanesville Police Department who dealt with the drug arrest. One OVI arrest happened just south of the checkpoint area. 

“A lot of it is based on statistical analysis. We look at how many crashes occur in the certain area; injury crashes, fatal crashes. That area on Maysville Pike has had a lot of crashes in the last three years and that’s why we selected that location,” said Pasqualetti. “There was a lady that came through that was just involved in an OVI crash, where an OVI driver hit her just a  few days prior. She was very happy to see us out there and we’re glad to do it.”

The Zanesville Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol received a lot of compliments and ‘thank yous’ for being out and doing the sobriety checkpoint.

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