Pancake Day Raises Almost $20,000


Local organizations are being helped through this year’s Community Pancake Day that took place at Secrest Auditorium.

Just under $20,000 was raised by the South Zanesville Fire Department and the Working Wonder Women, a group made of six non-profit organizations led by women. Chief Russell Taylor said over 3,300 people came through the door and they experienced great success with their drive-thru option with over 800 people served.

“We thought it might be a little bit slower with the pandemic going on, but with the drive-thru it really helped outside the people from being inside and people really enjoyed it,” said Chief Russell Taylor South Zanesville Fire Department.

Chief Taylor said in all 11 organizations, two churches and a Lion’s Club were helped by the money raised. He said it feels good to be able to help especially now when money can be tight.

“This time of year these organizations like most organizations struggle and to be able to help them out financially to support food or anything their endeavors happen to be it’s a great honor for the fire department to be able to help everybody,” said Taylor.

They are already planning for this year, Pancake Day will take place on Wednesday, November 16.

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