Physical Therapist says know your limits when exercising

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The area gyms are seeing a rise in attendance for the new year, but a physical therapist is warning the community to know their limits.

Physical Therapist and one of the owners of the Fieldhouse, Dr. Matt Amicone, said it is natural for people to want to push themselves. While challenging yourself is good, he said pushing yourself too hard could lead to injury.

Amicone said, “I think the biggest thing is, people you know they want to be weightlifters or they want to be runners and so they come in and they haven’t done anything for a month or two, or in some cases a year and they come in and run two or three miles and then they hurt for four or five days and when you’re that sore you don’t want to come in and workout and I think that is the biggest issue. If you can prioritize an hour, then you don’t have to be working crazy hard for an hour because the biggest thing is when you’re crazy sore, you aren’t going to want to come back in.”

Dr. Amicone said common injuries include foot and lower body injuries. Amicone believes communicating with gym employees can go a long way for your health.

“The guys at the front desk of the Fieldhouse usually have a lot of answers to a lot of questions. The big thing is, if you really want to make priority of your health and things like that, reach out to the people that have been educated in it and the people that have experience in it. Those people are around Zanesville that is the great thing about Zanesville. There is a lot of people that want to help a lot of people. So, if you ask the right question to the right person you will get the help you want,” Amicone added.

Amicone said if you put one hour aside each day for exercise and don’t over do it, your health and lifestyle will improve.

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