Police Department Releases Additional Information on Traffic Stop, Drug Bust

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SOUTH ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The weekend traffic stop that turned into a drug bust is still under investigation but more information has been released according to the South Zanesville Police Department.

Officer Dakota Mascher stopped a vehicle with fictitious license plates. During the stoppage, the passenger fled from the scene and has not been identified. 

“At the time he made the traffic stop, the passenger had fled immediately from the traffic scene. The driver stayed with the vehicle and of course things went from there where he was able to recover a weapon along with all these drugs that were inside that vehicle,” South Zanesville Police Chief Mark Ross said.

Chief Ross said officers are being aggressive during traffic stops. They look for drugs and weapons, and in this case, the officer came across both. 

“We’re trying to help clean up the town a little bit and trying to make sure these drugs are off the street, especially the guns. If we can get an illegal gun off the street, then that’s what we need to do,” Ross said.

Over 240 grams of meth, 11 grams of cocaine and 35 grams of fentanyl were recovered from the vehicle, as well as a loaded firearm. Ross said they have some leads on the passenger who flew from the scene but they haven’t followed them up quite yet. 

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